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Hello there, my name is Tressa.


My love for photography started at a young age. Back in the seventh grade I signed up for my first darkroom photography course and never looked back. That year I was gifted my first beginner level professional camera. I spent all my free time building my talents and learning all that I could. After graduating high school, I then went to Portland State University and earned a Bachelor's degree in Studio Art Practices with an emphasis in photography. Once completed, I started my career at a few corporate studios to gain practical experience running a studio. After a few years I decided it was time to start my own photography business. 

During this time my high school sweetheart and I got married and started a family. Flash forward and we have four children and two cats. Our house can be crazy, but we love it! I love my family and I love to help others document theirs. 

My images are crisp, clean, and vibrant. I love to play with color to create fun, dynamic compositions.  My background working in photo studios gave me the experience to utilize a combination of traditional posing and innovative prompting to get natural expressions from my clients. 

It would be an honor to photograph all the special moments of your life! I invite you to browse my galleries here, follow me on Facebook and Instagram, and shoot me a message below. I can't wait to talk with you!

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